Responding to the Consultation

This document outlines proposals by a Working Group of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada for a Uniform Informal Public Appeals and Crowdfunding Act.

The proposed uniform Act is a revised version of the Uniform Informal Public Appeals Act which was issued by the Conference in 2011.  The recent growth of public appeals conducted through the internet, popularly known as “crowdfunding” has prompted the Conference to revisit this topic.

Before finalizing its recommendations to the Conference, the Working Group is anxious to hear from interested persons and organizations concerning the proposed uniform act – hence this Consultation Paper.

The Working Group is particularly anxious to receive comments on the proposed revisions to the 2011 UIPAA, and the manner in which they address internet-based fundraising.  That said, submissions concerning all aspects of the proposed act are also invited.
Responses should be submitted no later than January 15, 2020.

Shorter comments can be sent using the contact form on the home page at:

The preferred method for response is by email directed to the project leader at:

This will accommodate longer submissions that can be sent as an email attachment in one of the standard text formats.

Responses can also be sent by ordinary mail to:

Executive Secretary
Uniform Law Conference of Canada
15 Ettrick Crescent
Barrhaven, Ontario
K2J 1E9 Canada